Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Canneslions Live 2007 Awards

Yesterday when i watching India-360 program at IBN LIVE, this interview Award-winning ad guru began career as a peon grasped my attention. The hero of the story was Manish Patel, Ad guru at AMBIENCE PUBLICIS, Mumbai.

He won prestigious Ad award at the Canneslions Live 2007 on the SILVER Radio category. This award been called Oscars for the Advertisement.

Transcript of the Ad

One serving of junk food, shortens your life by 2 minutes. One bottle of beer, shortens your life by 3 minutes. One cigarette, shortens your life by 7 minutes. One day in the wrong job, shortens your life by 8 hours. Issued in your interest by Bullzi placement consultancy. Live longer.

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