Friday, November 10, 2006

Bug in Googe Search Results!!

Yesterday my friend Nikhil is searching for some C# code on the Google's new feature CodeSearch to get more relevant and appropriate source code for developers. Thanks to Google for that.

When he run his query he got this " Results 1 - 10 of about 20. (0.03 seconds)". So it means he got 10 results. Definitely one page results beacuse of the rule 10 results per page.

But surprisingly, at the end of the results he got the link to see the next set results on the page two.


Just for curiosty, he navigated to next page. he got this!!!!!!!!.


Ooops, not even single result (of course there only 10 results how can we expect more than that). But even why these Googlers haven't tested this scenario to fix atleast their name is coming properly as "Google" rather than "Gogle".

It's funny.. isn't it.


Harinath Pudipeddi said...

As fas as i understand, the 'O' represents the number of pages of results which have been found. In this case, as it showed 20 results in 2 pages (technically there are no results in the second page) and there is only one navigation is required, that should be the reason why we could see only 'Gogle' instead of regular Google.
Am I right?

Raghava Kotekar said...

Yes you're right.

It's an simple logical mistake, that the Google Testing Team not yet come across on their test cases.

Raghava Kotekar