Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oops! Timezone for India is missed in the Microsoft Designer community for Indians!!!

Finally, Microsoft just cross their barries in supporting only their developers community and their activities. Now they have come up the Designer community to focus on the designers activities in the fileds like Web, Print and other interactive media. (Obviously they have some new products called which focuses on the , Interactive Designers and Web Designers.

Ofcourse we think its a Sales/Marketing strategy to make more active users and contributors to promote well. But, any how designers will also get much useful seminars, discussions, events around the city to know more and more on the products, domain, job hunts and lot more.

Recently, Microsoft has hosted a event to launch officially in building the community in Le Meridian, Bangalore on 28th September 2006.

Even lot many discussion has happened to build the better community and how the users need to particiate to make use of the community and lot more stuffs, finaly there was no such inofrmation which ahas spread across the particpants or on the net to know more details on the post event of the community launch program.

Finally, i got a link from one of my friend, its a

Good, its a begin, every need to participate and to share make good network, so currently we have very less users and only few posts.

But, why this mistake is happened on the Forum Regstration page. In the Timezone, their is no entry of the (GMT + 5.30) so indian cities names are missing. So definitely i need to pick the other nearby one is (GMT +05:00) Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent.

Why this so,

  1. Is it beacuse to reduce the height of the COMBOX entries.
  2. or just simply, used the pre-built code.

Guys, the focus of the community for indian designers and the first step is wrong. Anyways it just an simple mistake we can correct it.

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